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Discharge advice for patients following Trans-Urethral Prostatectomy
by Mr H Lewi, FRCS

1. Following the removal of your catheter you may experience some burning on urination and may have a frequent desire to pass urine. These symptoms will last for only a few weeks at the most and will disappear.

2. It is quite normal to experience urinary dribbling for a period of time.

3. Try to pass urine as soon as the desire is felt.

4. Drink adequate amounts of fluid. 2-3 litres per 24 hours is recommended. For the first couple of weeks drink less in the evening so you don't have to get up in the night.

5. Some bleeding is expected and quite normal. It may last 1-2 weeks following your operation. This will clear up spontaneously and can be helped by increasing your fluid intake. If bleeding is heavy or continuous please contact Mr Lewi or nursing staff at Springfield Hospital on (01245) 234000.

6. Try and avoid constipation and any strenuous exercise for about four weeks following your operation.

7. It is recommended that you do not recommence driving until 2 weeks after your operation.

8. You may return to work after 2-3 weeks if your work is sedentary and after 4-6 weeks if manual.

9. Having a prostatectomy does not usually cause impotence. You can resume sexual activity when you feel comfortable. Please do not be alarmed if no fluid appears on ejaculation.
Following ejaculation the seminal fluid goes into the bladder and is excreted with the urine. This is not at all harmful.

10. Finally, if in any doubt at all do, not hesitate to contact the staff at Springfield Hospital who are there to give simple advice or, if there is genuine cause for concern, they will contact Mr Lewi.

Advice for patients following Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)
under the care of Mr Lewi, FRCS

You are to be admitted to Springfield Hospital for a Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate or TURP as it is referred to.

A TURP is where part of the prostate is removed. You will have a general anaesthetic and a telescope is inserted into your penis. Part of the telescope uses heat from an electric current to cut away pieces of the prostate.

You will receive a letter from Springfield Hospital informing you of the date and time of your admission. As you will be having a general anaesthetic you will need to refrain from eating and drinking prior to your operation. If this is not stated in your letter, the nurse will inform you.

You will also receive an appointment to attend the Out Patient Department for pre-operative blood tests and you may also have a chest x-ray.

You will be in hospital for approximately two to four days depending on how you feel after your surgery.

On arrival at the hospital you will be shown to your room by a member of the administration or portering staff and a nurse will be with you shortly to admit you. Each room is equipped with a colour TV, radio and telephone, although you may wish to bring something with you to help pass the time while you are waiting for your operation. The hospital will provide towels for you during your stay. You will need to bring in your own nightwear, toiletries and clothes to go home in.

Mr Lewi and the anaesthetist will see you before your operation. The anaesthetist does not routinely prescribe a premed. However, you may discuss this with him. You may wish to discuss the type of anaesthetic with the anaesthetist. Please feel free to do so when he visits. Once your operation is over you will be taken back to your room to sleep off the effects of the anaesthetic.

You will have a catheter in your bladder with irrigation fluid running in and out into a bag. This is to prevent blockages occurring. The urine that drains out into the bag will be blood stained - do not be alarmed as it is quite normal to bleed after this operation. You will also have a drip going into your arm. This is to replace fluids lost during your operation and you may have a blood transfusion. The drip will be removed the night or morning after your operation.

If you have any pain or nausea following your operation, please inform the nurse and she will give you something for this.

After your operation you can commence drinking fluids and, depending on how you feel, gradually increase to a light diet. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids after the operation and continue to do so for at least 6 weeks as this helps to flush fluid through the urinary system.

The nurse will look after you and help you to have a wash. You will be able to get up if you wish.

The irrigation water running into the catheter will usually be removed the night or morning following your operation. The catheter will be removed two to three days later.

After the catheter is removed you may experience a burning sensation when you pass urine and you may want to pass urine more frequently than usual. These symptoms will only last a few weeks and will then disappear.

Mr Lewi will visit you daily whilst in hospital and will decide when you are ready to go home. This is usually two to four days following surgery. When you get home you may feel shaky for a while as, although there is not much to see on the outside, you have had a major operation. You will need to take it easy for two weeks and not overdo things for another two weeks after that.

If you have any problems or require any further advice whilst you are an In Patient, please ask the nurse or you can see the Senior Nurse or Matron if you wish. Before you leave the hospital, please inform the nurse. She may need to ensure that you have necessary follow up appointments and medication that may have been prescribed by your Consultant. We will also arrange for a porter to carry your bags if required and escort you to the door.

Mr Lewi's secretary will write to you with a follow-up appointment in the Out Patient Department for six week's time.

Points to remember following your TURP:

  • Try to avoid constipation as this may cause you problems when you try to pass urine
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for about four weeks after the operation
  • You can resume driving two weeks after the operation
  • You may return to work after two to three weeks if your job is sedentary. If it is manual, you need to wait four to six weeks. The nurse will give you a sick certificate if you need one.
  • Try to pass urine as soon as the desire is felt
  • Remember to drink at least four pints of fluid every day for the next six weeks
  • If you have been prescribed antibiotics please finish the course
  • You may notice some dribbling of urine, this is quite normal and will disappear
  • You will experience some bleeding which may last one or two weeks following your operation. This is quite normal and will stop. However, if the bleeding becomes very heavy, please contact Springfield Hospital and speak to the nurses on the Acute Unit. They will contact Mr Lewi, if necessary.
  • This operation does not usually cause impotence. You can resume sexual activity when you feel comfortable. You may notice that no seminal fluid appears when you ejaculate, this is quite normal and not at all harmful. The fluid goes into the bladder and is passed out when you pass urine.
  • If you experience any problems at all, please contact Springfield Hospital on 01245 234080 and ask to speak to the nurse in charge who will assist you if possible or will contact Mr Lewi on your behalf. Mr Lewi's secretary is also based at Springfield Hospital and can be contacted on 01245 234087.

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