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Patients guide to Cystometrogram (CMG)

Your Consultant has advised you that you need to have a Cystometrogram performed.

What is a Cystometrogram?
It is a test performed by a trained nurse, who has undertaken specialised training. It is a test performed to assess the stability of the bladder, which is essential in correct diagnosis.

What does the test involve?
You are asked to attend with a comfortably full bladder as a urine flow test is needed on arrival. Don't worry if you cannot attend with a full bladder.
You will be shown to the changing area where you are asked to undress from the waist down and put on a hospital gown.
You will then be asked to pass urine into a special machine, which measures your flow rate.

A small tube is inserted into your back passage, which is essential in helping to determine true bladder pressure.
A local anaesthetic gel is inserted into the urethra (water pipe) and then a small, fine catheter is inserted into the bladder. Once both tubes are in place they are attached to a special machine and your bladder will be gently filled with water. During this time you will be asked various questions.

On completion of the test, you will be shown to the bathroom for a wash and then you can get dressed.

How long does it take?
The whole procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes. You will be able to drive yourself in to hospital/home.

If you are taking Detrisitol/Detrinorm/Oxybutinin, they must be stopped 2 weeks prior to the test.

If you have ever had Rheumatic fever/Heart valve disease/Heart murmur, please contact the outpatients department 48 hours prior to your test, so we can arrange antibiotic cover.

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