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Patient Advice Sheet on Mitomycin Bladder Instillation

You will have recently had an operation to remove some growths/superficial tumours from within your bladder. Mr Lewi has advised you that you need to have a six week course of Mitomycin treatment instilled into your bladder, to prevent re-growth. Mitomycin is a form of chemotherapy in the form of a purple liquid. You will not experience any of the side effects associated with having chemotherapy i.e. hair loss, lethargy, nausea or loss of appetite.

You will receive your dates from Sarah Buttle, Specialist Urology Sister and also a letter from Springfield Hospital confirming your admission. You will only be in hospital for 2 hours maximum and you will be able to drive yourself in/home from hospital. It is important that the Mitomycin is instilled into an empty bladder, so have your usual cup of tea/coffee in the morning but nothing to drink after that. You may eat as normal.

On arrival to the hospital please report to main reception, where a member of the administration team will escort you to your room. Sarah will meet you there.

You will have a small catheter inserted into your bladder via which the Mitomycin is instilled. The catheter is then removed. You will then be shown to the bathroom so you can have a wash and get dressed. Sarah will then get you tea/coffee. You need to hold the treatment in your bladder for an hour, after which you will be given a jug/bottle to pass your urine into. This is to ensure the safe disposal of the Mitomycin. You will then be asked to have another wash and then you can go home.

After your last treatment Sarah will give you an appointment to come back to the outpatients department for a check flexible cystoscopy. This is usually 6 weeks after your last treatment.

Helpful Hints
If you take diuretics please do not take them on the morning of your treatment. As already stated only have your usual tea/coffee in the morning, this is so the treatment does not become diluted, thus not effective.

Side Effects
If you develop an itchy rash over your trunk/hands/feet please contact Sarah on 07905 428836. This indicates that you are allergic to the Mitomycin and can not continue with your treatment.

If you feel that you are getting an urinary tract infection i.e. it burns/stings when you pass your water, please contact either your G.P. or Sarah on 07905 428836 for advice.

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